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Hi! I'm Lauren. 18. senior. Long Island. I looove music. I reblog moslty One Direction but I also like Vampire Weekend, Foster the People, Walk the Moon, Twenty One Pilots, Two Door Cinema Club, Smallpools, HAIM, Kimbra, The Vaccines, San Cisco, Ed Sheeran and soo much more.



I think in the middle of every heated debate about female Disney characters that focuses mainly on the princesses, there should be a twenty-minute break just to bask in Lilo’s glory. 

I loved this scene so much when I first saw it I still do!

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it looks like niall fucking sneezed and turned into david beckham


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if you follow the paintbrush with your eyes while not moving your head, it forces you to use emdr which is a therapeutic technique to calm anxiety/panic. watching fish swim causes the same effect.

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